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Main questions and answers

  • How to process a procedure at the Electronic Office?
  • Does the Electronic Registry replace the General Registry?
  • How do I know if the Ministry of Universities has received a documentation that I have presented in the Electronic Registry?
  • How can I validate the signature of the receipt?
  • What can I do if I have lost the receipt?
  • Is it necessary to use the Windows operating system to use the electronic registry?
  • What is a digital certificate?
  • How can I get a digital certificate?
  • Can I use my electronic ID to access the Electronic Registry?
  • How can I change the certificate once I have started a session?

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How to process a procedure at the Electronic Office?

  1. Choose the procedure from the upper menu, the lower one that appears in the "Start" or the one that appears at the bottom.
  2. Authenticate after clicking on the ACCESS button that leads you to access by cl @ ve or with username and password.
  3. After authenticating by any of the methods, you will be given access to the forms.
  4. Filling in the indicated form, in some cases it will also allow you to pay for what the corresponding fields have been created for.
  5. The application will inform you by email of the start of your procedure after completing the process.
  6. After completing the process, the application can provide you with a proof of registration and an (authentic) copy of the application with a CSV (Secure Verification Code).
  7. Later in the menu "My files" you can retrieve your Request, communications, Requirements or Resolution, etc.

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Does the Electronic Registry replace the General Registry?

No. El registro electrónico del Ministerio de Universidades se configura como una entrada más de documentos pero únicamente habilitado para la recepción y remisión de las solicitudes, escritos y comunicaciones relacionados con los trámites y procedimientos incluidos en la Orden Ministerial UNI/546/2021, de 31 de mayo, por la que se crea la sede electrónica asociada del Ministerio de Universidades (

En cualquier caso, para la mayoría de procedimientos igualmente podrá hacer uso de cualquier ventanilla de las Oficinas de atencióln en materia de registros para dichos trámites.

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